Advancing Air Traffic Control: Unveiling the Versatility of HungaroControl’s NEXT-GEN Digital Tower

Huszka Dávid2024. 03. 11.

Advancing Air Traffic Control: Unveiling the Versatility of HungaroControl’s NEXT-GEN Digital Tower

In the dynamic realm of aviation, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Enter the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower, a transformative technology revolutionizing air traffic control operation at Budapest Airport. It is modular, and increasing HungaroControl’s capabilities as airport ATC service provider. With its array of benefits, such as

  • enhancing safety and awareness,
  • reducing ATCO workload,
  • scalability,
  • cost saving,
  • reducing project timeline,
  • unparalleled flexibility,

and its innovative features, our digital tower is poised to redefine the way airport traffic is managed.

Let’s explore the key benefits and capabilities of HungaroControl’s cutting-edge solution.

How does the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower enhance safety and situational awareness, and contributes to efficient air traffic management?

The cornerstone of the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower lies in its ability to outperform conventional infrastructure. By leveraging advanced technologies such as high-resolution cameras, augmented reality displays, automated tracking and identification, our solution provides air traffic controllers with unprecedented visual surveillance of the airspace. This enhances situational awareness which allows proactive monitoring of aircraft movements, early detection of potential conflicts, and timely intervention to prevent incidents.

Additionally, the digital tower’s integrated systems streamline communication and coordination between controllers, pilots, and ground personnel, facilitating more efficient traffic flow and reducing the risk of errors. Overall, the Next-Gen Digital Tower revolutionizes air traffic management by maximizing safety, improving situational awareness, and optimizing operational efficiency.

How does the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower reduce workload of ATCOs through seamless integration?

Modular integrated digital towers, such as the one pioneered by HungaroControl, offer seamless integration with existing systems. Through a sophisticated single Human-Machine Interface (HMI), this system empowers ATCOs with enhanced tools and functionalities.

By consolidating various functions and data streams into a single, intuitive HMI, the Next-Gen Digital Tower streamlines the ATCOs’ workflow and enhances their operational efficiency. Through seamless integration with radar systems, surveillance cameras, weather sensors, flight data and other supporting systems, our digital tower provides ATCOs with comprehensive real-time information, enabling them to make safe decisions quickly and effectively. This integration eliminates the need for ATCOs to manually gather and cross-reference data from multiple sources, freeing up their time and cognitive resources to focus on critical tasks such as airspace management and conflict resolution.

Overall, the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower significantly reduces the workload of ATCOs by seamlessly integrating disparate systems and data streams, thereby enhancing their performance and effectiveness in air traffic control operations.

How does our NEXT-GEN Digital Tower contribute to the efficient management of human capacity?

Digital towers represent a paradigm shift in versatility, particularly in the context of multi-airport operations. Unlike traditional tower solutions, HungaroControl’s digital tower offers the flexibility to efficiently manage human capacity, adapting to fluctuating traffic demands. This adaptability ensures optimal resource allocation and streamlined operations, enhancing overall service quality responsiveness and reduction of costs at the same time. Additionally, it facilitates the implementation of flexible work arrangements, such as merged and distributed operations, which can help attract and retain skilled ATCOs.

Overall, our digital tower contributes to the efficient management of human capacity by enabling to deploy resources more effectively, improve workforce productivity, and adapt to changing operational needs with greater agility.

What are the areas of cost savings when deploying the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower?

One notable area is infrastructure costs, as digital towers eliminate the need for traditional tower structures and associated infrastructural and maintenance expenses. Additionally, the integration of advanced technologies and automation capabilities reduces operational costs by streamlining ATC processes and optimizing workforce efficiency.

Furthermore, the scalability and flexibility of digital tower solutions allow for cost-effective expansion or adaptation to changing operational requirements and airport environments without the need for extensive infrastructure investments.

Gone are the days when traditional tower refurbishment or construction costs were a headache for ANSPs or airports. With the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower, the landscape has evolved. This sustainable, easy-to-deploy solution presents a cost-effective alternative, with estimated cost reductions ranging from 30-50%. This significant cost savings not only benefits stakeholders but also facilitate faster deployment and implementation of ATC infrastructure upgrades.

Overall, deploying the NEXT-GEN Digital Tower presents ANSPs with substantial cost-saving benefits, making it a strategic investment for enhancing operational efficiency and financial sustainability in ATM.

What are the benefits regarding contingency planning?

The NEXT-GEN Digital Tower offers unparalleled flexibility in contingency planning. With the ability to physically separate contingency infrastructure from the aerodrome, this solution provides an increased level of resilience and redundancy previously unseen in traditional tower setups. It allows service providers to choose the location of service provision according to their opportunities, to achieve optimization of their resources.

Overall, whether through single or multi-remote solutions, digital towers adapt seamlessly to the unique needs of service providers, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enhanced safety.

How can project timespans be radically reduced when deploying digital towers?

In contrast to lengthy construction projects or refurbishments, deploying a virtual tower does not necessarily require a new building. This inherent flexibility means that project timespans can be radically reduced, enabling ANSPs to implement upgrades and enhancements with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Unlike traditional tower construction or refurbishment projects, which often involve lengthy planning, permitting, and construction phases, digital towers can be deployed more rapidly. The nature of digital tower deployment minimizes construction time and disruptions to airport operations. This accelerated deployment ensures that airspace management capabilities keep pace with evolving demands and technological advancements keeping costs at a restrained level. Furthermore, the elimination of physical infrastructure requirements, such as tower structures and equipment rooms, reduces the complexity of installation and commissioning, further expediting project timelines. Overall, the agile and efficient nature of digital tower deployments enables ANSPs to implement ATM solutions in a fraction of the time required for traditional tower projects, ensuring quicker operational readiness and enhanced responsiveness to changing aviation needs.


The NEXT-GEN Digital Tower represents a paradigm shift in air traffic control, offering unparalleled capabilities and advantages over conventional infrastructure. From enhanced visual surveillance to seamless integration and cost-effective deployment, HungaroControl’s digital tower is poised to revolutionize airspace management.

With over 8 years of hands-on experience in operations and implementation, HungaroControl is a seasoned power user in the field of digital towers. Our comprehensive Digital Tower service portfolio encompasses advisory services in the following areas:

  • Concept Development & Analysis,
  • Digital Tower Design
  • Implementation
  • and Validation, Training & Acceptance,

ensuring tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the aviation industry.

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