The road to recovery

HungaroControl2020. 05. 14.

The global pandemic has the aviation sector among others in a continuous mode of reaction. Amid all this uncertainty and the challenges it brings, how do we strengthen organisational resilience while mapping our road to recovery?

Attila Simon, HungaroControl’s Director of Business Development represented European air navigation service providers (ANSP) in a recent webinar hosted by Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) and emphasized the importance of coordinated actions and speeding up crucial developments, which make the industry able to advance in cost-efficiency while maintaining or even improving existing safety standards. He said: “Focusing on technologies that can support the recovery is key in tackling the challenges of COVID-19. We have to find solutions, like our pioneering remote tower technology, which can help reduce costs – in this case the substantial costs of tower building – and thus support business resilience and continuity.”

Attila highlighted that this is not a single company’s nor a region’s own crisis; the current situation is threatening the whole industry worldwide. Therefore, collaboration has utmost importance: “All members of our ecosystem are required to work more closely together – within a legally certain framework – towards a common goal. Regulatory bodies, governmental institutions, airlines, airports, ANSPs and technology suppliers – we are all depending on each other. Being at the forefront of technological advancement, HungaroControl continues to deploy technologies years ahead of mandatory deadlines and competitors like the Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) or the Hungarian Free Route Airspace (HUFRA) for seamless service provision and reduced CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and travel time.”

Visit GATM’s website and rewatch the webinar for free: