#ATM System Test Tool – Is it possible to test automatically an integrated ATM System?

Huszka Dávid2024. 02. 28.

Yes, it is. And we show you how.

Pioneering System Test Automation in Air Traffic Management: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

HungaroControl boosts more than 20 years of experience developing complex and customized systems, thus creating one of the most innovative ATM systems in the world. While always placing safety first, we constantly develop, test and deploy new and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of the ATM industry. Collaborating with test automation expert company Proof IT, we spent 5 years developing something unique in the industry: together we managed to automate ATM software regression testing and enabling ATM experts to radically reduce the time they spend on manual testing. Our commitment to safety coupled with a drive for innovation will revolutionize the industry standards of ATM system testing.

Meeting Challenges with Innovation

The ATM industry faces unprecedented challenges amid accelerated changes. Capacity constraints, risks stemming from inadequate test data, and time pressures create a looming threat of operational downtime. HungaroControl, recognizing these challenges teamed up with ProofIT, leveraging a blend of an advanced low-code test automation platform and extensive experience in ATM systems to tackle these obstacles head-on. Attila Meszaros, Research & Development Director of ProofIT emphasizes the significance of automated testing in reducing human errors and expediting testing processes. „Our solution provides safer testing procedures. Bugs and humans usually don’t get along very well. Automated testing takes the human risk out of the equation, while it allows far more tests to be run and requires less time. Your key assets are your experts. Automated ATM software testing could save you up to 90% of the hours spent with manual regression testing, while it does not require software developers. Thus can your experts focus on real expert tasks” – he asserts.

Gábor Szabo, senior ATM system developer of HungaroControl reinforces this stance, highlighting the value of time and expertise. „We know how valuable time is for you and your organization. The solution is based on a proven, deployment-ready automation platform with vendor and technology agnostic approach. Our test cases are designed in line with aviation industry specific standards and processes. ATM system test automation is already a reality, but it also needs implementation and customization. HungaroControl’s team of experts are ready to support your processes in the field of ATM system development, integration and testing” – he explains.

Empowering Experts, Elevating Performance

Central to HungaroControl’s approach is the recognition of experts as invaluable assets. By automating ATM software testing, they aim to free up to 90% of the hours typically spent on manual regression testing. This not only optimizes efficiency but also enables skilled professionals to redirect their focus towards tasks that demand their specialized knowledge and experience. The ATM System Test Tool offered by HungaroControl presents a paradigm shift, offering extensive test coverage, precise error detection, and traceable audit results. This comprehensive automation not only minimizes threats but also unlocks the full potential of human capabilities within the team, ensuring next-level performance.

A Future-Ready Approach

HungaroControl’s initiative in ATM system test automation not only addresses current challenges but also ensures adaptability for the future. Being platform and ATM vendor independent, it makes systems and technology combinations future-proof, enabling any ATM systems to harvest these benefits globally. The promise is clear: faster, more accurate, and comprehensive testing. HungaroControl’s expert team is prepared to provide detailed demonstrations, showcasing how this automation can revolutionize ATM system development, integration, and testing processes in a fast changing world.

What you can do to join this new and transparent world

Automated software testing in the ATM industry signifies a monumental leap towards enhanced safety, efficiency, and future readiness. HungaroControl’s pioneering efforts, coupled with the decade long experience with ATM systems and innovative partnerships, pave the way for a new era in air traffic management—one that prioritizes safety without compromising on efficiency. With this groundbreaking approach, we can make you ready as well for a resilient and adaptable future in the ever-changing ATM landscape.


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Future posts

This post is the first article in a series, in which we plan to highlight the key aspects of automated regression tests, including the functional and process coverage, the relation to the audit requirements and requirements in international standards, case studies coming from real life, analyses of potentially preventable issues and incidents. We promise this stream of articles will cover topics for both expert level and management level.